Our Partners

National Garden Clubs, Inc.
National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC) is a non profit organization headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. It was incorporated in 1929 to provide education, resources and national networking opportunities for members to promote the love of gardening, floral design, civic and environmental responsibility. The NGC has over 200,000 members and more than 400 affiliates worldwide. Experts from the NGC have officially authorized the Flowers of the States.
American Horticultural Society
Founded in 1922, the American Horticultural Society is one of the oldest and most prestigious gardening organizations in the United States. The AHS is dedicated to *making America a nation of gardeners, a land of gardens*. Its mission is to open the eyes of all Americans to the vital connection between people and plants, to inspire all Americans to become responsible caretakers of the Earth, to celebrate America's diversity through the art and science of horticulture; and to lead this effort by sharing the Society's unique national resources with all Americans.