Vision & Mission



Becoming one of Thailand’s leading manufacturers and exporters of finely designed handcrafts, we hope we will be able to promote the quality handicrafts of our country, company and people.

Our team actually has the handcraft skills which allowed us to prove our level of craftsmanship and provide our products with a level of quality details that cannot be obtained with machines. What also makes our difference is that we also have the ability to design our own products. For years, that capacity has enabled us to highly adapt our products to the needs and to the standards of our different markets and customers over the world.

Motivated by the principle of continuous development, our production and services are rendered under international standards of quality to bring success to all our business partners and employees. We have done and will do our best to keep on this way, continuously innovating and co-operating to always better serve our customers.

  • Commitment and determination to succeed in the challenge to always satisfy our customers
  • Mutual co-operation with all business partners
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Commitment to Quality and on time delivery
  • Socially and Environmentally Responsible business practices
  • Pro-active and enthusiastic Staffs
  • Teamwork



  • To obtain and operate at the international standards certification level
  • To establish brand images and efficient product distribution systems in various countries in order to please customer satisfaction
  • To develop creatively products focused in both utility and aesthetic elements
  • To utilize appropriate state of art technologies in all areas
  • To share pride and progress with all employees