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Always look on the green side of life!


As the world is going green, we are proud to say that our business started ten years ago with this concern in mind and still moves on in the same concept that our handcrafted cold cast ceramic flower products must be made in natural and eco-friendly processes. It's not just our craft making and manufacturing process but also the materials we use are respectful to the environment. The flower making is based on high handcrafting skills of our talented employees. Therefore, no machinery is being used during the production. This crafting process prevents the atmosphere to suffer from our activities and contributes to preserve environment as well as develop people’s precious handcrafting skills. We have definitely adopted green attitude since the beginning, as we care about every detail, we treat the planet just like each of our flowers.

" Our passion and knowledge for art and crafts of clay botany as well as our care for authenticity make it possible to provide you with the finest, most vital and natural flowers born from our own hands and skills. "


Creating jobs where there is no economic activity

Prissana has always felt the need to transmit her passion for the art of designing and crafting clay flowers. Since 1999, she used to visit Sakhew and Sukhothai provinces (East and North of Thailand) where she trained the village women on this art of crafting cold cast ceramic flowers so that they can have a personal know-how and develop their own handcraft skills to have a dignified livelihood.

The company entrusts the customers' orders to women workers in these villages so as to allow them to earn while working in their own home and area where it is almost impossible to find a job. They don’t need to spend time and money to travel and work in the factory. This policy adopted by the company gives the solution to reunite workers' family together in the villages and increase their quality of life. This is our small way to support local communities.

Social Project

In 2006, Priss and Peach Co., Ltd. decided to build a local library for young people as a service to the local community, in Charoenkrung area where the company is located. Though the company is a small family business, they feel that they have the responsibility to share something back to the society. Since young people is the future of the country, they want to contribute in developing them to be responsible and good citizens of their country.

Both, Mr. and Mrs. Tangsin, actually come from a medical background which make them feel concerned about people and environment. They believe education is the prior key to access for a better life so they thought that providing a library in the community will encourage young people to read more and learn by themselves. It's also to provide them with a good alternative to spend their time wisely.

For the moment, it may seem to be a very small contribution, but I am convinced that every meadow needs at least one blooming flower…” Prissana T.

“If every company made a small social contribution, the world would change a lot.” Pichai T.

Our Partners

National Garden Clubs, Inc.
National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC) is a non profit organization headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. It was incorporated in 1929 to provide education, resources and national networking opportunities for members to promote the love of gardening, floral design, civic and environmental responsibility. The NGC has over 200,000 members and more than 400 affiliates worldwide. Experts from the NGC have officially authorized the Flowers of the States.
American Horticultural Society
Founded in 1922, the American Horticultural Society is one of the oldest and most prestigious gardening organizations in the United States. The AHS is dedicated to *making America a nation of gardeners, a land of gardens*. Its mission is to open the eyes of all Americans to the vital connection between people and plants, to inspire all Americans to become responsible caretakers of the Earth, to celebrate America's diversity through the art and science of horticulture; and to lead this effort by sharing the Society's unique national resources with all Americans.

Executive's Message

Priss and Peach Co., Ltd. has its foremost determination to produce high quality miniature cold cast ceramic flowers that will bring freshness and vitality everywhere they belong to. All production processes are carefully supervised to ensure that our flowers will joyfully delight people who admire the beauty of flowers.

We expect our products to fulfill our commitment to bring freshness and vitality to you and your home. Customer satisfaction is our utmost goal and we are happy to ensure that our products will meet your expectations.

Product Manager

Priss & Peach Co., Ltd.

Our company

Our Company

Priss and Peach was founded in 1999 by Mr. Pichai Tangsin and Ms. Prissana Tangsin, whose passion was to create miniature clay flowers. Today, Priss and Peach has become a leading manufacturer and worldwide exporter of high quality handcrafted cold cast ceramic flowers and accessories for souvenirs, gifts and home decorative purposes.

Ms. Tangsin is the company's Product Manager and besides ensuring the high quality standards in the production process, she continuously trains people to develop their skills in floral designs. Product Design and Product Development have always been the key emphasis and the competitive edge of Priss and Peach. We have our standard range of products , but we can also collaborate with our customers to develop designs suited to their requirements.

Priss and Peach is a Thai-founded company, but it is definitely internationally oriented. Many of our staff members come from abroad or experienced education overseas and every year we welcome trainees from well-recognized institutes from around the world. The company is also active in joining several major trade fairs in Europe and the USA.

Company Profile

Company Name:
Company Policy:

Priss and Peach Company has its foremost determination to produce Quality Miniature Clay Flowers to bring Freshness and Vitality everywhere they belong to. Sophisticated production of high quality clay under our skilled craftsmanship and our strict quality control ensure that our flowers will bring a delighting touch to your room.

Office Address:

2074/32-36 The Marble Place Building, Charoenkrung Rd. Bangkorleam Bangkok 10120 Thailand Tel: (66)-02-688 2034, 688 8100 Fax: (66)-02-688 8166 Website: www.prissandpeach.comE-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Factory Address:

22/12 Moo 5 Salaya Putthamonthol Nakornpathom

Type of Business:

Manufacturer and Exporter of Miniature Cold Cast Ceramic Flowers

Managing Director:

Mr. Pichai Tangsin



Brands and Trademarks:

Priss & Peach - Registered on February 2, 2001 Flowers of the States - Registered on October 20, 2005
Regina - introduced on November 6, 2004

Number of Employees:

Full time - 45; Part time - 75; Total- 120

Associated Membership:

Thai Article Numbering Council MemberThe Thai Chamber of CommerceThe Thai-Europe Chamber of Commerce

Awards and Recognition:

Thailand's Brand (GD0051/00 Dated April 3, 2000)Selected Exporter List, Department of Export Promotion

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