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Cactus varieties

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Cacti are usually found in an extremely arid and hot environment like the desert. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They are distinctive and unusual plant but they produce wonderful unique flowers. Black ceramic square container reflects the strength and solidity of cacti and at the same time it reminds the fragility of their unique flowers.

Miniature Collectibles | Cactus Collection| Strong and Unique

Name Columnar-Yellow
Code 10701

Name Columnar-Pink
Code 10702

Name Columnar-White
Code 10703

Name Globular-White
Code 10704

Name Globular-Yellow
Code 10705

Name Globular-Light Yellow
Code 10706

Name Opuntia- Yellow
Code 10707

Name Opuntia-Pink
Code 10708

Name Opuntia-Red
Code 10709

Name Pendant-Pink
Code 10710

Name Pendant-White
Code 10711

Name Pendant-Red
Code 10712

Want something really unique? Look at Priss and Peach prickly Cacti Collection. A selection of favorite cacti miniatures in black glazed ceramic pot with tiny white rocks which reminds you of the far-flung desert they come from. Admirable in their resistance to living even in harsh conditions, cacti are often heavily armed with spines. While many have beautiful and delicate flowers, they are mainly grown for their unusual shapes, colors and textures.

When people think of cacti, surely these popular forms come to mind: columnar, globular, opuntia and pendant. Priss and Peach proudly presents three lovely representatives from each species. A hot decorative collectible for you, a unique gift for your loved ones...

  • Handcrafted miniature cold cast ceramic flowers.
  • All collectibles from the Cactus Collection are available in ceramic pots.
  • Our miniature collections are designed, handcrafted, arranged and delivered by Priss and Peach Co., Ltd.