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Bonsai represents a fusion of strong ancient beliefs of the harmony between man, the soul and nature. Bonsai became very popular first in Japan and China, and then later spread to all over the world. During the early days, bonsai are famous for their sparse foliage and rugged, gnarled trunks which often look like animals. So it came to my mind that I can combine each bonsai to represent one of the Chinese astrology emblems on its ceramic pot while matching their characteristic and meaning which ended up with this unique bonsai collection.

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Name Apple-Rat
Code 10801

Name Orange-Ox
Code 10802

Name Peach-Tiger
Code 10803

Name Olive-Rabbit
Code 10804

Name Plum-Dragon
Code 10805

Name Cherry Blossom-Snake
Code 10806

Name Persimmon-Horse
Code 10807

Name Forsythia-Sheep
Code 10808

Name Winterberry-Monkey
Code 10809

Name Maple-Rooster
Code 10810

Name Willow-Dog
Code 10811

Name Magnolia-Pig
Code 10812

The stunning beauty of Priss and Peach miniature Lucky Bonsai Collection lies in the originality of its concept and unique design. Just as a fine wine improves with age, our designers took years to realize the creation of this adorable bonsai collection that depicts beauty, perfection and elegance through the years. The collection includes miniatures of the popular and well-loved Cherry Blossom, Maple, Apple, Persimmon, Forsythia, Orange, Peach, Olive, Plum, Winter berry, Willow and Magnolia. Another interesting feature of the Lucky Bonsai Collection is that they are matched with Chinese Horoscope and therefore, each piece contains meaning.

  • Handcrafted miniature cold cast ceramic flowers.
  • All collectibles from the Bonsai Collection are available in white ceramic pot.
  • Chinese astrology Bonsai is a concept developed by Prissana Tangsin
  • Product and art work on ceramic pot are designed by Priss and Peach team of designers
  • Our miniature collections are designed, handcrafted, arranged and delivered by Priss and Peach Co., Ltd.