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Orchid varieties

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My Inspiration

For the miniature Orchid Collection, I can sum up my inspiration source with one single word: Thailand. In my home country, there are numerous species of Orchids with so many varieties in sizes, forms and colors.

Designing a simple willow basket for the container was a way for me to express a kind of 'home' feeling while preserving that sensation of being with mother nature.

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Name Vanda-Yellow
Code 10201

Name Vanda-White
Code 10202

Name Phalaenopsis-White
Code 10203

Name Phalaenopsis-Yellow
Code 10204

Name Cattleya-Yellow
Code 10205

Name Cattleya-Red
Code 10206

Name Dendrobium-Red
Code 10207

Name Dendrobium-Yellow
Code 10208

Name Lady Slipper
Code 10209

Name Lady Slipper
Code 10210

Name Lady Slipper
Code 10211

Name Lady Slipper
Code 10212

Considered as the jewels of the forest, orchids are always received with appreciation and esteem. This lovely and refreshing orchid collection will forever express an ever blooming beauty and happiness. With their exotic colors and rich textures, it's easy to understand why orchid is an all-time favorite and so well-loved.

The Priss and Peach orchid collection presents 2 miniature varieties of vanda, phalaenopsis, cattleya, dendrobium and 4 miniature varieties of lady slippers for your satisfaction.

  • Handcrafted miniature cold cast ceramic flowers.
  • All collectibles from this collection are available in handwoven basket.
  • The Orchid Collection is handcrafted, arranged and delivered by Priss and Peach Co., Ltd.