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Cottage Garden

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The Secret Garden is a classic novel about a lonely little girl named Mary Lennox, who discovers the magic of gardening in the beautiful English Cottage Garden.

The miniature Cottage Garden Collection recalls that story and is designed as a relaxed, informal miniature garden that features the beauty and freshness of various flowers throughout the year: Early Snowdrops, Innocent Daisies, Chivalry Narcissi, Fragrant Lilies, Lovely Carnations and their friends bloom vibrantly to greet us in the miniature world of the Cottage Garden.

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Name Cyclamen
Code 10101

Name Daisy
Code 10102

Name Morning Glory
Code 10103

Name Pansy
Code 10104

Name Saffron
Code 10105

Name Campanula
Code 10106

Name Chamomile
Code 10107

Name Primrose
Code 10108

Name Lily
Code 10109

Name Gladiolus
Code 10110

Name Hydrangea
Code 10111

Name Carnation
Code 10112

Name Freesia
Code 10113

Name Narcissus
Code 10114

Name Snowdrop
Code 10115

Name Cottage Garden
Code 10193

What is the definition of a fresh and beautiful day? It is a day where happiness reigns. What a difference a day makes when glamorous flowers greet your day. The Cottage Garden Collection introduces several beautiful miniature flowers so you can make your own miniature secret garden in the intimacy of your room. The terracotta pot adds an extra touch of charm in our Cottage Garden Collection. The combination of the flowers and the pot is a perfect match which will be forever cherished by any constant gardener.

Priss and Peach Cottage Garden Collection is composed of beautiful cyclamen, daisy, morning glory, pansy, saffron, campanula, chamomile, primrose, lily, gladiolus, hydrangea, carnation, freesia, narcissus and snowdrop.

A cute decorative collectible for you, a nice gift for your loved ones...

  • Handcrafted miniature cold cast ceramic flowers.
  • All collectibles of Cottage Garden Collection are available in terracotta pots.
  • This Collection is handcrafted, arranged and delivered by Priss and Peach Co., Ltd.
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