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Alpine Flowers

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Let’s share a precious moment away in the Alpine Mountains! The Alpine Flowers are a collection of miniature mountain flowers I developed after my first trip in the Schneeberg in Austria. The moment I spent there was a real moment of escape and a discovery of these rare flowers found only in the mountaintops. Not only does the flower grows from earth and trees but also from rocks!

The miniature Collection here is a selection of the most beautiful mountain flowers contained in a refined ceramic stone. I wanted to capture the beauty of the mountain flowers and the pure feeling you get from their environment through a simplified and minimalist stone design.

Miniature Collectibles | Alpine Flower Collection| A journey up the mountain

Name Alpine Rock Jasmin
Code 10501



Code 10502

Name Alpine Rose
Code 10503

Name Bavarian Gentian
Code 10504

Name Alpine Anemone
Code 10505

Name Alpine Auricula
Code 10506



Code 10507

Name Alpine Columbine
Code 10508

Name Alpine Gentian
Code 10509

Name Alpine Snowbell
Code 10510

Name Mountain Arnica
Code 10511

Name Silver Thristle
Code 10512

What an achievement! Now no need to climb mountains, no need to go high... to get a glimpse of rare and precious alpine flowers. Priss and Peach Alpine Flowers Collection features the most splendid flowers that grow above 5000 feet elevation. Set in a stone shaped ceramic pots, it will enable you to compose your own miniature arrangement of rocky Alpine Flowers in your own home.

Be captivated by the extraordinary miniature beauty of the Alpine Rock Jasmine, Alpine Rose, Bavarian Gentian, Alpine Anemone, Alpine Auricula, Twinflower, Alpine Columbine, Alpine Gentian, Alpine Snowbell, Mountain Arnica, Silver Thistle and the beloved Edelweiss.
A fresh decorative collectible for you, a cool gift for your loved ones...

  • Handcrafted miniature cold cast ceramic flowers.
  • All collectibles of this Collection are available in stone shaped pots.
  • Alpine Flowers is a concept developed by Prissana Tangsin
  • Our miniature collections are designed, handcrafted, arranged and delivered by Priss and Peach Co., Ltd.