Large Glass Plates


Collection Code

Rose 40481 - 40485

Tulips 40431 -40436

Collection name

Large Glass Plate

Flower varieties

12 types

My Inspiration

Like flowers especially picked up for you in the snowy landscape of winter, the glass plate will bring the fragile yet precious and eternal feeling of a moment spent in the wilderness of Crystal World.

Bring a cold breath and the beauty of colorful individually handcrafted flowers to create a Zen and elegant atmosphere to your place.

Large Glass Plates |

Name Caroline De Monaco - Madame Hardy
Code 40481

Name Butterscotch Diamond Jubilee
Code 40482

Name Celestial- Bridal Pink
Code 40483

Name Congratulations - Angel Face
Code 40484

Name Black Beauty - Birthday present
Code 40485

Queen of the night
Code 40431

Name Karel Doorman
Code 40432

Name Spring Green
Code 40433

Name Hummingbird, Spring Green and Firebird
Code 40434

Name Ballerina, Westpoint,Elegant Lady
Code 40434

  • Handcrafted miniature cold cast ceramic flowers.
  • This Collection is designed, handcrafted, arranged and delivered by Priss and Peach Co., Ltd.