Floral Decorative Egg - Rose Collection


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Floral Decorative Egg - Rose Collection

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Egg is a universal symbol of rebirth and new life. Even before Christ was born, Egyptians and Persians used to color and offer eggs to their beloved ones. In ancient times, people also believed that the Earth itself was hatched from an egg.

Now Priss and Peach has hatched eggs to bring beauty to your home. Six popular flowers in a variety of colors are handcrafted inside the egg crystalline glasses. Each egg is carefully handpainted in lace of gold by Priss and Peach artists onto premium porcelain eggs.

Lily of the Valley, Tulip, Daffodil, Iris, Lily and Rose are exquisitely handcrafted on elegantly painted porcelain eggs. A classic porcelain egg alone makes a special gift for your beloved ones, so imagine their reaction when inside, they would discover meticulously handcrafted tiny flowers waiting to surprise them? Priss and Peach Floral Decorative Egg is a unique and precious gift that will make your loved ones happy.

Floral Decorative Egg| Rose Collection

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  • Handcrafted miniature cold cast ceramic flowers.
  • Available in six floral designs, with or without music.
  • This Collection is designed, handcrafted, arranged and delivered by Priss and Peach Co., Ltd.