Petit Rose


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Petit Rose


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The Petite Rose Collection introduces a design featuring 3 symbolic roses, meaning “I love you” in the language of flowers. The number three has always worn a particular signification. In Celtic culture, the triskelion which is composed of 3 interlocked spirals is a symbol of trinity and balance. The design of Petite Rose combines all these meanings to bring natural and well-balanced feelings to your beauty.

Petit Rose Collection| Handcrafted Fashion Accessories

Name Earring- Stud
Code 50111

Name Earring-Hanging
Code 50112

Name Necklace-Vinyl
Code 50123

Name Necklace-Beaded
Code 50125

Name Choker-Ribbon
Code 50126

Name Ring
Code 50141

Name Bracelet
Code 50151

Name Hair Clip
Code 50171

Name Hair Comb
Code 50174
Available varieties - 11 Type